Living in Wormholes

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Living in Wormholes

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:42 pm

General Rules

Like most things in EVE, feel free to break these rules if you know what they're doing. You should probably consider them closer to guidelines.

Fly What You Can Afford to Lose

Any ship you bring into W-Space should be considered already lost, be it to theft or gank. Consider not flying that shiny HAC you just bought and sticking to battlecruiser hulls a little longer.

Local Chat

Or the lack thereof. Local chat does not exist in wormholes. Therefore, enemies are virtually invisible until they decide to be seen. Whenever you are out of the POS shield, you should be mashing D-Scan every chance you get. You should also keep an eye on chat and an ear on Mumble. If somebody states that there is an emergency, immediately warp to a safe spot if you have a cloak or bounce between safe spots if you don't.

DO NOT TALK IN LOCAL. You will show up and stay there for ~15 minutes giving everybody in the system free intel.

Living Out of a POS

In a wormhole a player owned starbase (POS) will be your home. These are quite different to living in stations.

Ship Maintenance Array

An SMA can store 20 million m3 worth of assembled ships. There are no divisions within the SMA, as such all ships stored are accessible by everyone who has access to the structure.

To store your ship in the SMA, right click the array and select Store Vessel.
The Access Vessel button lets you view ships that are currently stored.
To board a ship, right click and select Board Vessel. This will also store your current ship.
To launch a ship for an alt, right click and select Launch Vessel.
When boarding a new ship, the array will attempt to store your current ship which will fail if the cargohold contains assembled containers or the capacity of the array is surpassed leaving the ship floating in the field.
If you do not have the required skills to use modules on the ship (namely T2 weapon systems) they will be offline upon jumping in, just replace the ship in the SMA.

NOTE: SMAs do not have restrictions on access further than the POS forcefield. In general if you are not okay with other people sitting in your ship, then - with the current mechanics - wormhole life is most likely not for you as "ownership" is a very relative term when living out of a POS.

Corporate Hangar Array

The CHA can store 1.4 million m3 worth of items including un-assembled ships. There are 7 divisions within the CHA, each controlled in the same way as station corporate hangers. Within EVE University this is done according to titles.


It requires elevated privileges to remove assembled containers from a corporate hangar. Within EVE University only directors are able to do this.
Even if you have privileges, you can't extract items from the containers without first removing the container from the Hangar into your ship's hold

Personal Hangar Array

The PHA is 50k m3 that only you can access. Directors can view but not take items from here.

So, you've found your system, set up a POS, moved the ships in, you've done all required logistics, and you have supplies that will last for a while. You're ready for action. What now? Well, as I said already, there are number of activities you can do in your System, such as Mining, Harvesting Gas, Killing Sleepers, Running PI. But first you need to learn how to keep yourself safe while doing those. You need to keep track of things, and you need to know your surroundings. First thing you'll always do from this day on, is:


Each day new signatures and anomalies spawn in your system. Since the release of Hyperion, signature ID's are consistent over downtime. You will have to keep track of every single signature ID and anomaly. You will have to keep track of them to know what kind of sites are there and what your system has to offer that day. Here's how:
Scan your system as soon as you login into the game. Check the number of signatures, the number of anomalies.
Scan each and every signature. Record them all (you should probably have this feature in your mapper).
Bookmark the sites into corp bookmarks.
Scout any connecting wormholes.
Ignore all sigs in your probe scanner
Check for new sigs appearing


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